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Quote (carlsonjok @ Dec. 03 2007,10:35)
Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Dec. 03 2007,10:13)
Behe has a teaching role at Lehigh, yes?  Have we ever heard from any of his students?  Do legit students take any of his courses?  He is a magnet for tards?  Does he talk about ID and mouse traps in class?  Have any of his students ever pointed out how wrong he is in class?

Rate My Professors!

Although, I have to question the accuracy.  Behe has 9 kids and gets a hotness rating of zero?  Go figure.

Bwa Ha Ha!  I used your link and searched for Dembski... The oldest comment is beautiful:

"What a vacuous tool! He is SO full of himself. He is actually full of **** and that's it. You could NOT design a worse professor."

And once again the Baby Jesus makes Dembski cry.

Come on Tough Guy, do the little dance of ID impotence you do so well. - Louis to Joe G 2/10

Gullibility is not a virtue - Quidam on Dembski's belief in the Bible Code Faith Healers & ID 7/08

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