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Quote (Guts @ Nov. 27 2007,17:16)
I normally don't feel like any website has to explain themselves with respect to banning. TT has always welcomed critics, but if you cross the line, you're gone. Thats just the way life is, and it's true for any blog/website (I was banned from an anti-ID forum myself once).

With that said, I feel that the situation with Frostman was the result of a huge misunderstanding that was completely my fault. I am also their technical support. The Memory Hole function simply did not work, and this was noted on the blog long before this situation snowballed, although it should've been made more explicitely. I specifically instructed TT bloggers to save a copy of the offending comment in their thread and delete it. After which they can send it to me , and I would manually insert it in the database (the memory hole).

This, unfortunately, gave the impression that comments were just being deleted, which is against TT policy. I am more than willing to have Frostman back if he truly respects understands the purpose of the memory hole, and why it exists, and respects the decisions of TT bloggers.

However, this had nothing to do with any dishonesty.

If it was a misunderstanding, why was Frostman banned, Nelson?

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