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I have not yet addressed one aspect of my recent banning.  No doubt a Telic Thoughts member will write to me and say, "Well, we told you to stop posting on that thread, but you continued.  You got yourself banned."  I would interpret that statement as: "We told you to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, but you kept making a fuss about it."

Allow me to run with this analogy.  The man behind the curtain is Bradford.  The reality of the situation is the appropriateness of my posts together with the inappropriateness of his behavior.  The apparatus controlled by the man behind the curtain is an illusion-making machine.  It works by deleting all posts which mention his dishonest conduct, while preserving his posts which admonish my posts.  Voila, the illusion is complete: my behavior appears questionable, and Bradford appears to rightly scold me for it.

Well, the illusion is not very good, because I clearly see the man behind the curtain.  I bring attention to this fact.  The man looks at me and says, "You best not say anything more," wagging his finger at me, "or I'll ban you."

At this point there is no turning back, at least for me.  The illusion is directed toward falsely discrediting me while at the same time concealing his dishonest behavior.  It is inconceivable that I would put my head down and walk away.  The story ends either with my banishment or with the public recognition that there is a man behind the curtain engaged in mischief.  

I hope that is clear.

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