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Uncommon Descent has been off-line a lot, and when they do blog, it's mostly non-science topics. AtBC has a very robust peanut gallery for these non-science topics, so I've been commenting over at Telic Thoughts. (By the way, MikeGene has a rabbit theme.)

Wonders for Oyarsa posted an interesting simulation, The Amazing Toxic Asexual Bunny Mutation Simulator. But it didn't show what he thought it did.

Wonders for Oyarsa thought that for evolution to find a specific beneficial mutation, junk portions of the genome would become scrambled. In fact, evolution can try all sorts of mutations and then discard them before fixation. This was pointed out in the very first comment. But of course, it had no impact on the discussion whatsoever.

Raevmo: Kimura showed mathematically that for a neutral mutation the fixation rate is identical to the mutation rate (independently of population size).

Amusingly, Wonders for Oyarsa overlooked genetic fixation occurring right before his eyes.

Fluffy Bunnies has a very small genome, so only about 30% of the original junk typically remains. But even that significant portion should have been a clue that his intuition was wrong. I suggested that Wonders for Oyarsa approach his intuition skeptically, to make an attempt at falsification— to no avail.

In response, I posted KILLER RABBITS, Not-so-fluffy Bunnies. To his credit, I do think that Wonders for Oyarsa tried to learn from the exchange.

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