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Folks (okay, second post - made a liar out of me) this is all about the blackest and whitest crayons in the box, okay? :D

All right. I know I am off topic and I am not very serious about this, but unless we are dealing with a specific box of crayons, my problem is that according to my understanding of the spectrum of radiation, 'black' is just our name for what we perceive as black while in reality the 'color' may be any shade of infrared. Or maybe ultraviolet?

Maybe we'd need Goethe to sort it out for us.

yeah, black is lack of visible light. White is the porridge of all frequencies between infrared and ultraviolet.  Some whites are whiter than others, depending on the constitution of the porridge.

I find that if you put sultanas in the porridge, the oaty bits in between seem even whiter.

Hope this is a useful submission for the topic at hand.

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