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Quote (J-Dog @ Oct. 26 2007,22:28)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 26 2007,15:12)
It sounds like "Penthouse Letters" for the fundamentalist set, an opportunity to write a bunch of paranoia porn.

Since the whole thing is a work of fiction, I think that they have opened the doors for contributions. I'm sure some of you can come up with better complex persecution tales for those with a well-developed persecution complex.

Of course, you probably can't post the actual submissions here, but you might drop a note here to say if you have an offering in submission.

I think I recall that there was a professor that actually has two doctorates, that was horribly abused by a graduate student recently for daring to speak about Intelligent Design.  And to make it worse, the abuser was a girl, even though the bible says women should stay at home and make babies.

Is this the kind of story that they want might want maybe?

Throw in a hot-tub and some Reddy-Wip and that's a winner!

Even better if you could fit Kristine into it as well...


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