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Quote (OgreMkV @ Oct. 06 2011,07:09)
Look, if you can't be bothered to learn anything that doesn't support your point of view, why are you here.  I could answer all of these, but there's no point because you will just whine and cry that it doesn't answer you question.

Why don't you tell us YOUR notion of how the diversity of life came to be and all the evidence that you have for it.

Remember, even if you disprove evolution right here, right now, it DOES NOT mean intelligent design or creationism is correct.  Only positive supporting evidence can do that.   You don't even have that.  I can point to literally millions of peer-reviewed papers over the last 150 years that support evolution.

You can't point to even one that supports your notions... whatever they are.

Do we have all the answers?  No, of course not.  But we have more than you do.

I'm willing to bet anything that you will not describe your notions of how life came about, provide evidence for it, and defend it in the same way that you demand we defend evolution and science.

This, if true, will make you an epic hypocrite.  Prove me wrong.

You call me a hypocrite yet you defend a poster who alludes that science proves that mitochondria evolved from bacteria.

The Big Bang's order from disorder, your own reverence for puncuated equilibrium, the myriad of machines all scurrying around all point to sudden design

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