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THOSE FASCIST FUCKS THREW PZ OUT OF THE THEATRE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! The only reason that they didn't throw Dawkins out is that they were apparently too fucking stupid to recognize him! They didn't even recognize him when he sat through the film - not until he rose to speak, after being called on - by said producer, MARK MATHIS - at the Q&A. Holy shit, the blood drained from his face then! :angry:

"Free speech" eh? Un-fucking-believable.

This is what I overheard from a theatre employee named "Jared" to PZ: "The producer said that you are not allowed to attend the screening, because you don't have a ticket, and you were not invited. This is a private screening." Nomad, did you have a ticket? Were you invited? Didn't you click on that "please fill the theatre, please, please," link and subsequently get, as I did, an e-mail that said, "TICKET NOT REQUIRED"?

Dawkins stands up and asks MARK MATHIS why PZ was expelled. As Rev. Barky said to me later, it was a magic moment. Mathis repeates the same bullshit above. Nazis, eh?

And that beefy, ugly cop [*edit- cop, not copy, but what the hay, "copy" fits too*], after completing his rounds of the audience during the film, hovered just behind Dawkins (who was about 30 rows away from Mathis) every time that Dawkins spoke. Stalin, eh? Police state?

I asked Mathis to give (as his film does not) a concise definition of intelligent design and to tell us about some little film called "Crossroads." Mathis did finally get ID right (irreducible complexity, Dembki's improbabilities, blah, blah) and then launches in with "And if you know anything about filmmaking, there's something called a working title..." Yeah, I do know, thanks. I've been in films. One of them even won an award ( and filled a few theatres. Without your police state shenanigans I might add, Mark Mathis.

Mark Mathis made a big spiel about "let's be open to new ideas and have a debate." So Dawkins stands up, and these open-minded people laugh at him.

These bloodsuckers went after him and PZ just to ride their coattails to attain some kind of fame, any kind of fame.

I'll write about the movie tomorrow. Right now, I feel as if I've escaped Nazi Germany myself. I need a beer. Prohibition is over! :p

I wouldn't treat Ftk or DaveScot the way that Mathis treated Dawkins tonight. (Mathis even accused Dawkins of lying, and Dawkins apologized for being wrong. Can't win for losing.)

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