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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 06 2011,15:06   

Quote (midwifetoad @ Oct. 06 2011,12:30)
Joe Bozo expelled.

Thanks to the hard work of Vince Torley, super sleuth. :p

But surely if Holocaust-denial were so obviously wrong, they'd be only too happy to debate it--with a bunch of tendentious morons who will never ever back off from their prejudices.

After all, we should be wanting to do nothing but churn through a bunch of hackneyed garbage that's been repeatedly exposed for 150 years.  Let alone teach the "weaknesses" of evolutionary theory--which include not documenting everything that critics demand.  No one has documented everything the Holocaust deniers demand, either.

They don't think they should have to bother with prejudiced ignorant morons?  And we should?  OK, for LOLs in their case...

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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