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Cross posted:

This interaction between Zolar Czakl and StephenB is worth perusing. Throughout, Mr. Bee resists the radical notion that theory must ultimately be testable in light of data, and therefore must specify entailments. For him, such a demand is an arbitrary, ad hoc imposition of "the Darwinist Academy." The exchange culminated in the following admission:
Zolar Czakl:
6:05 am

Scientific theories must be testable by means of empirical evidence. To be testable, they must specify predicted empirical findings that flow from the theory.

I gather from your responses that ID does not meet this standard. Hence your only move is to reject the standard.

9:06 am

My how quickly you catch on. The entire debate is centered around the self-serving nature of that standard.

Zolar's follow-on post simply stated that he was content to leave the discussion right there, as Stephen's admission is all one could ask. Alas, he was silently banned, presumably by cowardly Clive.

(Clive, word: Next time ban me before you find Stephen stumbling with his pants around his ankles.)

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