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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ April 15 2008,20:06)
leo stotch
7:22 pm

"Do we need to know whether or not the mountains of Rushmore were designed or not in order to reach a design inference for the faces carved into them? No. Only the difference in specified complexity between the old and new patterns need be examined."

ID is so awesome. It is a science that does no lab or field work and relies on mathematical concepts that use no mathematical calculations. It reminds me of the Todd Snider song about the band that wouldn’t play a note.

Leo Stotch is no longer with us. -dt

(4' 33" by John Cage also memorializes ID's research output.)

(ht carlsonjok)

Wrong!.........that work is copyrighted.
Original and unique material that is indeed .......designed.

ID material can only be found in sewers, dustbins and those useless propaganda outlets .....X-Stain bookshops.

Unlike great art that hints at the divine capabilities of the human mind, ID material ends up in the same places vomit can be found.

"I get a strong breeze from my monitor every time k.e. puts on his clown DaveTard suit" dogdidit
"ID is deader than Lenny Flanks granmaws dildo batteries" Erasmus
"I'm busy studying scientist level science papers" Galloping Gary Gaulin

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