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Quote (stevestory @ July 14 2007,21:06)
I read the NYT Dining In/Out section every Wednesday. (Richardthughes: OF COURSE YOU DO, HOMO (Richard, I miss the tardologues. You were riding that joke into the ground, but it was still sometimes funny)) And I think last year sometime was an article about a very avant garde restaurant whose dishes were based upon offal. Those bones pics reminds me that one such dish was bone marrow. The leg bones were sawn up, the pieces were grilled or something, and at the table you were supposed to scoop out the marrow and spread it on I believe bread.

That is actually a pretty classic dish. I've had marrow a number of times and it is quite good.

It's usually one of those "Chefs only order it" dishes, but trust me it's really good.

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