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Some time back, on the KCFS forum, I asked FtK a relatively simple question.  It had to do with radiometric dating, which she doesn't  trust, or rejects outright. I wanted to know why she poo-pooed radiometric dating, but accepted uncritically all of the rest of nuclear physics.  I mean, she accepts that hydrogen bombs explode as predicted, and x-ray machines work as predicted, and any number of other commonplace manifestations of predictions in nuclear physics, but radiometric dating is no good.

She used her famous "I'm too busy but I'll get back to you" dodge, and said that her husband thought it was a case of comparing apples with oranges, but never gave an answer. How about it, FtK?  You've had a year or so to think about it now.  Why do you reject only the areas of science that conflict with your religious opinions, but accept the same science when there's no conflict (in your mind, at least)?

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Evolution is not about laws but about randomness on happanchance.--Robert Byers, at PT

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