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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ June 28 2007,20:53)
Quote (stevestory @ June 28 2007,19:46)
I used to chew Skoal and smoke Camels, but for the past three days I'm just relying on the Skoal. It's much, much healthier, although I prefer the quick blast of nicotine from the cigarette.


Isn't that stuff sposta give people oral cancer?

yeah, it does give people oral cancer. But at like a tenth the rate at which cigarettes give people lung cancer, which itself is not all that high. There's something about lung tissue, which makes it much more susceptible to cancer.

The risks aren't zero, but I believe in doing a clear-headed risk assessment. We decide the risk of dying on the roads is worth driving, and I've decided that for me the risk of oral cancer is worth the good feeling of chewing tobacco.

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