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So you drink D'Yquem on a regular basis?

I'm definitely gonna come visit!

Step back bitch! I saw him first!

But seriously:

Chateau D'Yquem is good if you like dessert wines, sauternes, etc  but I have to say that, whilst I love them, they're hardly a session wine or a frequent drinker. That's not a criticism, more an observation. They are after all GORGEOUS.

Now with wine, one can talk of the big reds, the clarets etc and they have their place (my favourite is Margaux, that region has some of the best terroir in France in my opinion. Ch. Palmer, Ch. Margaux. Love 'em! Ch. Margaux has been owned by the same [Greek origin!!] family for ~40 years and they IMO [and that of a few others] have produced the best red bordeaux in the Medoc for ages. Costs a bit though) one can talk of the New World (sorry boys, but I think you and the Antipodeans over oak the majority of your wines. Oaking disguises the results of poor terroir dontcherknow. That's not to say that the New World wines are all bad, far from it. But our British market is saturated with their cheap end oaked whites and shallow reds, it give is a bad impression) but you cannot beat a glass of Chateau de Chassellier eh Obediah?

Sorry, mum and dad own a restaurant, I grew up with wine, and as wine appreciation has a strong chemistry element, I sort of am kind of erm interested in it.....{trails off as wine geekery is acknowledged}



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