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Quote (Robin @ May 04 2012,08:50)
Quote (dvunkannon @ May 03 2012,16:30)
Anyone with a good recipe for rye bread made with beer, I'm all ears.

Try this:

German Rye Beer Bread Preparation

3/4 cWarm water
2.5 cups Unbleaced flour
1.5 ts Salt
1.5 cups Rye flour
1 12-oz can warm beer
† † † †1 tbsp molasses
† † † †1 tbsp unsalted butter, softened
† † † †1 tbsp instant coffee
2 tb Caraway seeds
1 ts dry yeast

Drink 2-3 oz of the beer. Make sure the rest of the beer is warmer than room temperature (I aim for about 90 f) Pour the rest of the beer into the bread machine. Add softened butter and molasses. Then add flour, rye flour, salt, instant coffee granules and yeast. Hit dough setting.

When the dough is finished, follow the rest of your own recipe - that is, take it out of the bread machine, punch it down and form it into a boule or a loaf (I generally do a quonset hut loaf) and place it in the oven on about 165 f to rise). I use a pizza stone, but a cast iron skillet should work fine. Let it rise for 25 minutes or so, take it out, and heat the oven to 300 f. I generally put the bread back in when the temp reaches about 220 or so to prevent it from falling, but that's me. Most bakers will tell you that this is a no-no, but it works for me in Washington DC conditions. Bake for 32 minutes or until dark brown.

ETA: Oh...I bake at 300 f using the convection/bake setting on my oven. That can make a difference, particularly if you are forming a boule or hand loaf as opposed to using a pan.

Any particular brand or type of beer?

I'm actually putting the loaf into my cast iron Dutch oven, spritzing the inside of that with water to make the steam bath, and putting that into the oven. I've seen discussion of preheating the cast iron before putting the bread into it but I figure I would burn myself that way.

165 F for the rise? Sounds pretty high. I always read things like 'turn your oven on, then off, and the heat from that 40 Watt bulb will be enough'.

I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the recipe. Ba-dump ching!

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