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Quote (Kattarina98 @ May 03 2012,13:03)
Hi Robin,

I hope you were in Munich during the spell of lovely weather. Did you like it at all? I'm not offended if you have some criticism to offer, we are notorious for our grumpiness. Next time you are visiting, you are welcome to book a free guided tour with me.

As for sucking the Weisswurst, it is no longer considered correct manners - at last! But when in a beer garden, you can still gnaw chicken drumsticks and pigs' knuckles.

It was actually really nice when I was there - a bit cool during the nights, and sweater weather during the days, but still quite lovely.

And quite frankly, I have no criticisms whatsoever. Well...ok...your underground is waaaay confusing for a tourist, but beside that...

Seriously, the folks I met were really great. It was the middle of Oktoberfest - how grumpy are people going to be at that time? I really wish I'd gotten to see more of the city itself, but the folks I was with were there partly on business, so they had a tight agenda. Next time, I really do intend to see a bit more.

One thing I will note though is how comfortable the city felt. I had one day on my own and I wandered around a bit and chatted with a few folks. Personally I found it very non-threatening. As a tourist in a place where I didn't speak much of the language, that really struck me.

I'd go back in a heartbeat, though when I do go back, I'll approach it a bit differently. Oktoberfest was really fun, but I'd like to see something more of the day-to-day Munich. I spent a few hours in a park there that was really nice for instance - I do more of that.

Oh...and on the weisswurst, I did see a few "suckers" (ho ho), but I was taught to pull the meat from the casing using a knife and fork. I really did enjoy the food I had, though I confess that I had an excessive amount of Greek food while there. The buddy I was traveling with is Greek and knows the folks at this nice tavern called Paros (it's on Kirchenstrasse - great place), so not as much German food as I would have liked.

But I will definitely take you up on a tour if and when I come back. Truth is, I have a brother on the other side of Germany (Hamburg) and I've never been to visit him there, so I have to come out that way at some point soon.

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