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Quote (Louis @ Mar. 30 2010,10:17)
Quote (Amadan @ Mar. 30 2010,14:39)
Further comment would be superfluous.


Sometimes the world is so beautiful I just want to cry.


After I go in for a checkup with the doctor next week, I plan to get lit up as I've been a good boy.  No alcohol, fried food, easy on deserts, back running (back up to 10k at least twice a week), etc.  Yes, life really sucks.  (On another topic, does exercise, eating right really make one live longer or does it just feel that way?0

So I ask the good gent from Wales.  I like the dark stouts and porters.  I also enjoy a good ale, not IPAs though.

What are some of the best you think are out there that I might be able to procure in the US?

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