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Robert O'Brien

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(Permalink) Posted: July 16 2008,13:05   

Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 15 2008,06:50)
Quote (Robert O'Brien @ July 15 2008,02:51)
I had in mind (some) faculty, not administrators. And my pundit of choice is Pat Buchanan, not Rush Limbaugh.

Excellent choice of pundits, Robert. Of course when you have to choose between a drug-addled pedarast and a Nixon-advising anti-Semitic culture warrior, it must be tough.

Re your other comment, two points. I know for a fact that faculty members have very little say in how universities operate. So to bash on a few faculty members for the sins of the universities is remarkably ignorant. Second point, re the taxpayers. Most public universities get precious little funding from their state taxpayers these days. At my institution, for example, even though the word "state" appears in the name, we get less than a quarter of our funding from the state. Most other state institutions get substantially less. So perhaps that accountability needs to go both ways before your naive expectations can be met.

Rush is a pill popper, no doubt, but I am aware of no persuasive evidence that he is a pederast.

As for your comments about Pat Buchanan, while your credulity is commendable, the charge of antisemitism is derived from the same folks who brought us the Iraq War and are currently fomenting for war with Iran.

Finally, I agree that most faculty have little say in how their universities are run on the whole, but that is ancillary to my claim that some think they are insulated from accountability to the people (in the case of public universities).

Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei

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