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I teach middle school science in White Salmon, Washington. As a public school teacher you get some pretty interesting responses to teaching the evolutionary paradigm in biology. I have had a few parents invite me to their churches to hear, the now imprisoned, Kent Hovind speak. I declined, but I regret that now. I would have loved to see a true snake oil salesman do his show. As a teacher you continually have to take courses for professional development, this last spring I took a course at a local community college and was dumbfounded to hear my professor talking about the Great Nochian Flood, the speed of light slowing down, human footprints next to dinosaurs, and radiometric dating inconsistencies. He was a wacko YEC’er.  I spent much of my time at TalkOrigins prepping for our next class where I crushed his pathetic talking points. From there I found the Pandas Thumb and this site as well.

I have found that 8th graders love to learn about the grand picture of life. The love to understand why nature works the way it does. Truly, nothing in nature makes any sense without an understanding of evolutionary theory. Now when students or parents question the wisdom of teaching evolution to their kids, I simply say that this is the best explanation given the observed evidence. I am greatly indebted to the many wise ones here that have shed light of the subject for me.

I must also admit that the antics of the folks at UD are such a crack-up. I just love seeing the gang here just totally crush their idiotic rantings.

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