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(Permalink) Posted: April 02 2007,14:11   

Quote (Ftk @ April 02 2007,12:59)
BTW, it's interesting that you bring up DaveScot and act as if I would allow him to ridicule others merely because he supports ID.  I believe you probably recall that I don't allow ridicule regardless of who it's coming from.

From your Blog:

DaveScot said...
Curious about what school district in their right mind would include a book on family illustrating a homo household for students only five years old I googled Lexington "David Park" and found it was Lexington, Massachusetts. Figures. I wonder if the parent can get a fair trial in that homo haven where the jury won't be a jury of peers but rather a jury of queers. ROFLMAO - I crack me up. Am I allowed to use the word "queer" here or is calling a poofter a queer considered name-calling?


Forthekids said...
Holy crap, Dave. You are going to get me in all kinds of trouble...

I'm going to have to post a disclaimer somewhere...

"I will not be held responsible for what comes out of DaveScot's mouth".


8:02 AM


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