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Cirque du Hunter is back!

Why is it that I'm supposed to answer Lenny's questions but not vice-versa?

nyah nyah.

gees, one would think you could be the bigger man, if you felt your position so strong.

i guess you don't.



Please be careful. (nice bit of patronizing idiocy to start with a comment like that) My point was merely that you'll have a difficult time persuading people that the evidence powerfully supports your theory, if you are interpreting observations accoring to the theory.

totall and utter BS.  it's like saying I show you a picture of a rock, and you say it's open to interpretation that it might be a bird instead, and make the assumption that just because everbody else thinks it's a rock, that doesn't make it so.

I'm sure there is a name for the logical fallacy you just pulled out of your ass there, but it escapes me at the moment.

your continued detailing of the "problem" just digs you in deeper, rather than elucidates any logical argument on your part.

Deadman, you are beating a dead horse.

no, he's not, as YOU are the one who keeps raising the issue in order to start your cycle of idiocy all over again.

hmm, not so much beating a dead horse, as a phoenix-from-the-ashes kind of thing on your part.

So you agree that homologies, on their own, are not powerful evidence for evolution?

that's not at all what he said.  just stop it.

Evolution does not require the pattern to be carried by all mammals.

uh, just restating your eroneous conclusion does not make it so.

Evolutionists are puzzled by the phenomenon of structural similarity in spite of functional diversity so therefore it is powerful evidence for evolution?!?

no, idiot, he was describing the definition of homology as used in evolutionary theory, by showing which was an example of it, and which is not.

In science, the evidence supporting a theory is important, but the evidence against a theory is also important.

indeed it is, and when you come up with anything remotely credible, we will be able to discuss it intelligently.

you have yet to do so, however.

oh, almost forgot:

Billy repeats his request for you to either do some knife swallowing or jump through a flaming hoop.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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