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In his latest post, Dr Hunter very kindly provides evidence to support the hypothesis that his blog is all about anti-evolution propaganda, not science.

This time, he is denying that the observed variation in the size of finches beaks in the Galapagos Islands is evidence of Darwinian evolution.  He takes the standard IDC line that it only shows that less fit populations die off, that evolution is eliminative not not creative.

Even if he disagrees with it for whatever reasons, I find highly improbable that someone with his education and intelligence does not at least understand that this is a clear case of adaptive evolution in action.  

The most likely conclusion, therefore, is that he has chosen to sacrifice whatever scientific integrity he once had in the cause of attempting to discredit a scientific theory because, in his mind, it cannot be reconciled with his religious beliefs.

His religion drives his science and that's what's the matter with it.

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