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Tracy P. Hamilton

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(Permalink) Posted: July 05 2011,15:29   

OH, NOES, evolution even less likely!

Modeling these force fields and how molecules respond to them is a major problem in molecular dynamics studies. Both the modeling of the force fields, and the molecular dynamics is challenging and computationally intensive. For instance, each particle influences each of the other particles. And as a particle moves, all of its influences change. But other particles are moving as well, so the dynamics quickly become extremely complicated.

Another dolt who doesn't understand the difference between modeling and reality.  A force field is a set of parameters for empircal potential energy functions.  This is inherently inaccurate.  The only reason molecular dynamics is complicated is the number of interactions.  The real explanation (quantum mechanics, again a model - electrons do not compute the orbitals they should be in) is terribly complicated.  And yes, there is even quantum dynamics.

The previous model, which had evolution designing the chromophore and its photoisomerization, was complicated enough. Now evolution must also design force fields and their dynamics caused by electron flow within the chromophore. The design space just took another quantum leap.

The IDiot does not realize that the previous theory implicity has "electron flow within the chromophore".  This is merely time evolution of the excited electronic state.  What is new is that apparently isomerization is not a necessary part of the process - does the IDiot ask if such process was designed, then why is isomerization there?  No.

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