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This concerns Neal Tedford's claim that iPods can be arranged into a single, objective nested hierarchy. Despite our own best efforts, Neal Tedford's position flitted from tree branch to tree branch.

However, Derick Childress has apparently found a true rarity, an isolated and concise bit of tard, a tardicle.

Derick Childress: (shuffle, nano) ? (shuffle, nano, touch) ? (shuffle, nano, touch, classic). Am I right in that interpretation? ... Can you confirm that I've understood you correctly?

Neal Tedford: Yes.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Look quickly, because it probably won't last long. Normally, a tardicle can't be found in this state, but as with quintessence, disappears as soon as you look at it. With this phenomenal find, perhaps we can finally answer the question, what is the half-life of a tardicle?

Derick Childress: Super, Neal. Glad that's finally over with. Now that you've actually presented what you think is a single, objective, best fit nested hierarchy based on a panoply of traits, we get to the fun part: Determining if you're right.

Congratulations to Derick Childress, and a special thanks to Neal Tedford, who, absent his providing a constant stream of tardicles for study, this discovery may never have occurred.

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