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Sometimes, it hurts just to look. But look we must.

Neal Tedford: We just don't see outboard motors on minivans either, so your example is meaningless.

Derick Childress: Really?

Neal, you really have made Zachriel's point several times already. It's getting embarrassing to read your posts.

{You ain't seen nuttin' yet.}

Zachriel: Heh. Those crazy humans. Next thing you know they'll be putting maps in phones and computers in ovens.

Neal Tedford: I enjoyed your link, but that's not a minivan with an outboard motor.

See evolutionists stretch the data to support their worldview, but minimize contradictory evidence... your link just proves the point.

Derick Childress:

Neal, does it hurt to be that stupid?

I posted the first picture I found of an amphibious automobile to show what a ridiculous point you were making. As soon as I posted it, the thought flashed through my mind: "Hmm. I wonder if Neal is going to say something about it 'not being a minivan.'" But then I thought "Nah, no one could be dumb enough to miss the point to that degree."

Apparently, I was wrong.

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