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Quote (dvunkannon @ Oct. 20 2010,14:07)
Paging Cornelius Hunter!

New Analysis Groups Lampreys and Hagfish

Corn bait:

A scientist expresses suprise.

The common ancestor of all vertebrates may be more complex than previously thought.

Therefore Jebus.

The irony of course being that the expressed surprise is how a real scientist behaves (bolding mine):
"I was staggered by this paper," said Philippe Janvier, a paleontologist at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France, and a long time supporter of the idea that lampreys were more closely related to jawed vertebrates. "It's very hard for me to recognize that I've been wrong in my assumption," said Janvier, who did not participate in the research, but this paper provides "very, very strong support for the monophyly -- the common origin of lampreys and hagfishes apart from the origin of the jawed vertebrates."

And one of the co-authors was also surprised, because he too started out believing the opposite of what the new molecular data was saying. His response?  Go back to the morphological data and re-analyze it.  All of it.  Turns out it didn't support his previously held position. But I'm sure it was just religiously motivated and nothing to do with intellectual honesty or anything ridiculous like that.

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