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Dr GH,

Erm I wasn't aware it WAS a pep talk, but YMMV! Either that or there's some sarcasm going on. Although since I'm so knackered today you could whack me around the head with a sarcastic clue by four and I'd still not get it, I'm probably hallucinating. (Writing a review on organocatalysis, up late dealing with stuff, mind is in meltdown)

2 PhDs would be a brilliant achievement though. Postdoccing would be easier in some senses. At least most academics think you border on being a human as a postdoc. But then as a PhD less is expected of you in terms of responsibility etc.

The fishing element looks good.

"Which agency funds this postdoc? NIH? NAS?"

"Nah YTI"


"Yellowfin Tuna Incorporated!"



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