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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 08 2006,23:48)
Quote (IAMB @ Sep. 08 2006,17:18)
I've got a beer that says Dave's reaction, should there be one at all, is that he knew the whole time and was playing along for the entertainment value. Any takers?

Hey! You were right!

Just in case you ever wondered why GilDodgen at Uncommon Descent stopped sweet talking you - I emailed him early on and told him at best you were probably a middle aged fag pretending to be a woman and at worst trolling to trap me in a compromising situation with a 17 year old girl. Didn't work, did it? I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. LOL

Wow. Dave sure put in a lot of work to make it look like he was completely suckered. Guess the jokes on us.   :p

Nice to see JAD telling dave to sling his hook on UD.  :D

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