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Arden Chatfield: Hey, Zachriel, welcome!


Since I'd never seen your name here before, I was wondering if you were already posting here under some other name.

I have lurked on AtBC for quite some time, but never commented. I usually post on the newsgroup, or other such venues where people might be misled about the sciences and where I think I might be able to make a difference.

I was hoping that DaveScot would actually engage in a substantive discussion. Corporate Kate at UDoJ set up "a thread about that thread" just for that purpose.

I think Dave bailed from UDOJ for the pretty obvious reason that he cannot defend his actions and ideas in a free forum where his opponents are not heavily censored.

What DaveScot apparently fails to realize is that in order to convince people, he has to leave the protective walls of Castle Uncommon and engage the issues. Who knows? He might even learn something, if he did. Instead, he confirmed that he has no actual evidence or arguments to support his views.

Zachriel, angel that rules over memory, presides over the planet Jupiter.


You never step on the same tard twice—for it's not the same tard and you're not the same person.

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