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Arden Chatfield said:
We're basically seeing a mind that never left the early 17th century

Absolutely right, but the punchline is that AFDave would regard that as a compliment. His reasoning has remained pure and untouched by the corruption of atheist materialist thinking that has blighted natural philosophy since the Enlightenment...
I cannot IMAGINE venturing into a debate SO POORLY PREPARED as that, so I can't help but wonder WHY he's willing to do so.

Well, he's said on a number of occaisions that he's not here to actually debate, but to preach the Good News to us benighted "Darwinists".  As you said, he's in a completely different world; the idea that geologists, physicists and biologists might not be motivated by a desperate need to do away with God gives a  "does not compute"  in Dave's world, and his posts are, to quote someone or other, the sound of a paradigm shifting without a clutch. :D

FWIW, I think he's sincere insofar as he believes he's bringing salvation to the unbelievers, so in that respect I'd put him in with the people who sincerely believe they were Cleopatra in a past life.  I wouldn't underestimate the power of the fear of He11, though. Logical thought tends to evaporate in the face of eternal damnation.

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