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I have been dealing with another similar chap to Dave on a different forum.

The level of doublethink is outstanding, the intellectual dishonesty is staggering.

What I really love is the persecution complex and paranoia however. These guys already feel persecuted before anyone dares to correct their asinine nonsense. It's a weird combination, they assume their faith and specific claims make them superior to everyone and yet at the same time they feel persecuted by everyone.

And the L word (liar) really upsets them. If they tell umpteen lies and ANYONE has the gosh darned temerity to actually call them on just one of them, they whine like a cut cat in a barrell of brine. They play every card they can "I've been insulted" "All you guys can do is insult" etc. It's just another red herring to distract from the incredibly observable fact that they have not even the beginnings of the ability to refute or rebut just one of the points made against their claims.

The psychopathology is all too clear. The minute these guys start trying to base their extremely dubious faith based claims on "evidence" by effectively ignoring anything they don't like, you can read their minds. They doubt their specific faith, they know that it's nonsense and they sure as heck aren't going to let go of the thing so they shout louder and lie more.



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