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(Permalink) Posted: June 17 2006,21:22   

to borrow a line from our dearly departed Thordady...

Arden opined: (man, was that irritating)

"Some people have talked about starting new AFD threads to discuss certain facets of his, uh, 'theories'."

Well, this is the thread to do this in.


maybe someone would like to go through Dave's threads and count the number of times he actually has contradicted himself.

I'll eventually be adding the number of times he violates the precepts he says he holds so dear (both old covenant and new).

other ideas:

-the number of times he has simply ignored a specific question.
-how many times he has changed the subject abruptly when it was becoming so obvious he was wrong (hint: that will be a VERY large number)
-the number of times he has called the ToE a religion.

lots of opportunity for merriment, so feel free to pile on.


p.s.  maybe somebody could add in the number of times Thordaddy used the word "opine".

"And the sea will grant each man new hope..."


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