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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: April 16 2006,18:25   

Quote (UnMark @ April 16 2006,21:43)
I seem to recall being the one to wonder, in the UD thread, where that 10% came from.  I see that theistic evolutionists, Buddhist, etc, are now being lumped into the ID camp.  I wonder what Buddhists think of that?

We don't want anything to do with DaveTard, believe me.

Besides, ID is a Christian Fundie show. They don't want anything to do with non-Christians, regardless of what they may say. Occasionally they claim people of other religions to boost their numbers and make themselves look a little less bigoted, but when they play coy about 'the Designer', they ain't talking about Allah or Brahma, believe me.

"Rich is just mad because he thought all titties had fur on them until last week when a shorn transvestite ruined his childhood dreams by jumping out of a spider man cake and man boobing him in the face lips." - Erasmus

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