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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 07 2007,17:07   

Tim: Speaking of survival of the fittest, I wonder how “fit” temmenicki2’s comment will be judged? ((I suspect that that least natural of “selecters”, a certain davescot, will soon swoop in and notify us that both temmenicki2, and his memetic offspring are no longer with us.))

bornagain77: temminicki2, I’d watch your step...

interested: so temminicki….how well do you understand ID?

Apparently temmenicki2 is disembodied because there are no posts by any temmenickis on the thread.

Oh, and Tim is incorrect. Temmenicki2's memetic offspring are alive and well—and living in Tim's own comment.


You never step on the same tard twice—for it's not the same tard and you're not the same person.

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