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DaveScot has heaped scorn on many (if not most) ID supporters in the past week. †No wonder they're rebelling against him.
From a letter to the Kansas Board of Education from Elie Wiesel and 37 other Nobel laureates:
Logically derived from confirmable evidence, evolution is understood to be the result of an unguided, unplanned process of random variation and natural selection.

DaveScot wrote regarding the above definition:
As all of us who donít cling to strawman versions of ID know, the only bone we have to pick with that definition is the unguided, unplanned part. We are of the position that evolution, in part or in whole, was a guided or planned process. (From )

DaveScot again, scolding Red Reader:
I think youíre conflating macro-evolution with Darwinian evolution. The evidence in support of descent with modification from a universal common ancestor over the course of billions of years is compelling. Logically arguable but practically undeniable. If you argue against that you get laughed at and Iíll be hard pressed to suppress a chuckle myself. †
(From )

True to form, Dave manages to alienate many (if not most) ID supporters by labeling their skepticism of common descent as laughable, disparaging them for trying to "cling to a strawman version of ID." †Whether he realizes it or not, he also slams ID leaders who reject common descent, including Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson and Stephen Meyer.

Best of all, he manages to contradict himself. †Here is Dave responding to a comment of mine on December 24, 2005:
DaveScot wrote:
Iím agnostic regarding common descent vs. common design. How can one distinguish between the two?
(From )

Wonderpants asks:
Anyone want to bet how long it'll be before that place consists of DaveScot talking to himself, with even the IDers having been banned?

I'm expecting him to stage a late night coup and ban the other moderators (including Dembski). †Let's hope the server is under Dembski's physical control so he can hit the reset button.

On the other hand, I'm beginning to think sir_toejam is right that Dembski wants DaveScot to run the blog into the ground so that he can dismiss it as a few months of "street theater."

Keep going, Dave. †You're doing great!

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