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Truly himself TroutMAC says:  
Define “strict Bible literalist.” I’m not sure, but I don’t think that Lee Strobel is a Young Earth Creationist… I’m pretty sure he accepts an old Earth. Seems pretty hard to be called a “strict Bible literalist” and be an old-Earther at the same time.

Not according to this paper that I read by Dembski.

I think I’m the only one here who read this and I found it (among other things) really instructive in terms of the aims of someone like Dembski, aside from the short-term goals indicated by the nefarious Wedge.

Dembski plays both sides at UD, the YEC and the Old Earth paradigm,  very…I don’t want to say skillfully, because it’s so obvious a con to me, but for the average confused commenter, skillfully, I guess. I don’t know how people can be taken in so easily by him, but they are. I came away, once again, thinking that he is not a YEC, but he doesn’t want to lose one YEC sheep. He is one control freak. One would think that his Designer could take care of Himself.

Long paper short: I don’t believe that australiopithicines like “Lucy” never had bad thoughts or never committed what are called sins, until Homo sapiens sapiens were “brought into the Garden” where they committed “the Fall.” I think our hominid ancestors faced the choices and dilemmas (“evils”) of their own time and that everything they did helped us to become what we are. They deserve credit for that, not denial of being our ancestors nor denial of their nobility through denial of any ignobility. Likewise, “the Fall” could never be any one act at any time (or could it be the first time one cell consumed another?), as if life were a great glass globe to be irrevocably shattered in a moment.

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