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(Permalink) Posted: April 10 2007,20:48   

Quote (N.Wells @ April 10 2007,19:56)
Sheesh, is anyone else having trouble keeping up with all the action over at Overwhelmed Dunces?

Hilariously, Helena posted this in response to the tightened censorship moderation:  
This site used to be buzzing with nasty troll-posts, and now we have a calm place where we can discuss the serious and important issue of Intelligent Design.

Thanks for shutting down those ID deniers - we can have a perfectly good debate without all those closed-minded trolls

A few hours later, Helena posted some musings on whether halos are manifestations of Designer easter eggs, and challenged materialists "to claim that there is no value in being able to tap into this energy supply".  (No, I'm not making this up.)

Since then, nothing, other than the sound of Helena smacking her forehead as she realizes that you actually can't have a "perfectly good debate" without opponents.

(Assuming that Helena isn't one of us, which she very well could be.)

"I wasn't aware that classical physics had established a position on whether intelligent agents exercising free were constrained by 2LOT into increasing entropy." -DaveScot

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