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(Permalink) Posted: April 10 2007,10:06   

Quote (Richardthughes @ April 10 2007,09:08)

DaveScot said...

Sorry for the off-topic but I wanted to leave a note for Blipey and I know it'll get to him if I leave it here.

I was checking the calendar to make sure there weren't any all day soccer tournaments on Sunday, May 13th, and was reminded that's Mother's Day. I won't be available for any meetings on that day.

10:19 PM

oh wow. It's in the "dog ate my homework" league of excuses. I bet DS' mom dreads that day coming round.
And I take it if there had been an all day soccer tournament then that would have trumped all other events also? What a whirlwind exciting life the DS must have, the dell multimillionaire and innovator.

Can you imagine the number of cheesy poofs that must meet their demise at one of these "day soccer tournaments"?

I also mentioned that He'd have to give me a thorough explanation as to *why* I must "eat human babies".

if there are even critical flaws in Gaugerís work, the evo mat narrative cannot stand
Gordon Mullings

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