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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 07 2007,07:27)
Quote (phonon @ April 06 2007,20:24)
Quote (Kristine @ April 06 2007,17:09)
Dave should see Who Killed the Electric Car? no matter what he thinks of global warming.

Dammit! I want an electric car!!


LOL....phonon stalks into room with a fixed smile and his arms akimbo.

His gait has an uncomfortable bobbing motion while he rotates stiffly in each direction before woodenly sitting down.

RTH playing Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, sticks out his chest and puts on his best low sexy Nigella Lawson voice.

RTH:"Phonon we have had a demand from British Anti- Darwinists for Total and Absolutely Ruthless Domination (BADTARD) demanding that all electric cars be made to run on melted down Polar Bears"

Phonon: That's terrible what shall we do?

R: I don't know .....But I'm thinking a really really rich chocolate cake with *smooch* strawberries soaked in Cointreau, bent over backwards on the corner of the lounge chair.

P: That sounds awfully GAY to me RTH. Shouldn't we just call the CIA?

R:Ho hum....C'est la guerre give us a kiss.

The conservative has but little to fear from the man whose reason is the servant of his passions, but let him beware of him in whom reason has become the greatest and most terrible of the passions.These are the wreckers of outworn empires and civilisations, doubters, disintegrators, deicides.Haldane

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