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Quote (phonon @ April 06 2007,10:45)
Love this:tyharris
I am absolutely getting hammered guys. If there is ANYBODY out there with a reasonable, rational, and polite argument in FAVOR of creationism, could you please stop by and add a comment?

All I have to say is that you either need to get really, really thick-skinned or implement a better moderation/filtering system if possible. Itís amazing how nasty these people can beÖand how much free time they seem to have.


I agree with Patrick. Moderate your blog.

That's right. If you "get hammered" by those evil Darwinistas, just delete their posts and you win by default. No, Jesus wins.

Speaking of Jesus winning, check out this SP Easter Special. It's friggin genius, IMO.

Ty Harris, the poor fool, has but a single post on his blog thus far, and he made the foolish mistake of linking to it from UD. Blissfully ignorant of the fact that the UD denizens don't like going where comments aren't moderated, he thought that a lot of them (even Dembski) would come to his rescue.  I left a few comments in foolishly thinking that he might be willing to listen to reason, but he's just another typical Paleyist whose mind is made up.

My guess is that he'll start "moderating" and fade back into talking to himself, or just give it up and go back to his knitting.

Evolution is not about laws but about randomness on happanchance.--Robert Byers, at PT

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