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Note to Dembski:  When you post crap like this, you attract brown-nosers like this:
I just want you to know how much I appreciate you for your courage and for your intellectual honesty. Intelligent Design is an idea with enough reasonable scientific, mathematical, statistical, and logical merit to at least be given a fair hearing in the marketplace of ideas. Obviously the keepers of the status-quo fear you, and your ideas, since there could be no other explanation for the un-deserved vitriol and agression that has come your way, just for trying to make a reasonable argument about something. You are our great champion and our standard-bearer, and I thank you for your un-tiring efforts to find truth, and to speak truth, as best you can see it.

tyharris then goes on to reveal that he doesn't know what an evolutionary algorithm is or why it would give better results than a tornado in a junkyard, but he's hoping that Dembski will come to his blog and chase away the big bad atheists:
As a mathematician, and an expert on the subject, I was wondering if you could take a minute from your busy schedule to pop in real quick to the comments section and weigh in. I realize that this is a bit like writing to George W. Bush and asking him to personally settle a political argument that you had with your liberal neighbor last saturday out on the porch, but I thought I would at least ask. I figure that if I can get a comment from “Dembski himself”, I win by default unless he manages to drag Dawkins into it somehow.

This is enough to make even an egomaniac like Dembski puke.  If he reads this stuff, he's gotta be seriously thinking about retiring from the ID racket.

"I wasn't aware that classical physics had established a position on whether intelligent agents exercising free were constrained by 2LOT into increasing entropy." -DaveScot

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