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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ April 03 2007,12:14)
Denyse is just an untalented, pretentious dimbulb who won't get a real job. She does not deserve to be taken seriously, much less your terror, Kristine.

The IDers aren't smart enough to put together an aquarium, much less a surveillance program.
Intelligent design is about the future, not the past. It's about controlling the future by controlling information about the past.

They talk about eugenics because they want to engage in it – their way.
They talk about the big bad scientific establishment because they want to build their own monolithic establishment – their way.
They talk about persecution because they want to administer their own brand of Christian dominionism. They talk about overthrowing an ostensibly oppressive government because in truth it’s not oppressive enough, and they could do that better.
They talk about the “nihilism” of atheists because they need an excuse to enjoy the pleasure of hurting or killing someone, who first must be completely dehumanized.
Dembski simultaneously lowers the limbo bar and asks, “How low can they go?” because it is he who lowers himself and who wants to lower himself.

If you locate the mind and “truth” and science in a non-material realm, then you have full power to flog the physical for the good of everyone’s soul.
You can tell the starving that they need to pray harder.
You can tell the sick that it’s all because of their sins.
You can bring back public executions in a perpetual mission to kill the devil, and confiscate your opponent’s property at the same time.
Etc., etc., etc.

Look, I know Denyse and Dembski and DaveScot and all of that gang aren’t going to do anything themselves. They’re not stupid. But they, Dembski particularly, portray themselves as the leaders of a youth movement. Let’s take the American Nazi Party and white supremacists as an example, since Denyse likes to talk about them so much. The leaders have always remained untouchable whenever some follower went out and committed a hate crime, or killed someone: “Oh, we don’t tell anyone to resort to violence. They did this all on their own.” At the same time applauding the removal of the inconvenient opponent and letting their lower minion be the fall guy.

It’s the next generation that I worry about.

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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