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Good to see the new comment moderation policy has gotten rid of the trolls at OE:
There's definitely more to faith-based professionalism than science is willing to admit. My dad once hired a plumber who came and ran a bunch of copper pipes into an addition containing a new rumpus room and kitchen extension. Then, without ever testing to see if the pipes leaked, he had the drywall contractor seal it all up in the wall. My dad asked him why he didn't at least test them first and the plumber replied that he had prayed before he handed his work off to the drywaller, and that he was righteous man and that this had always worked in the past. Sure enough, when we finally turned on the water to the addition there were no leaks at all, as far as we could tell.

Sometimes prayer works better than experimentation. I wonder if the plumber had doubted his prayer and tested his pipes by pressurizing them BEFORE sealing them up in drywall if perhaps God would have taken this as a doubting of faith and made the pipes develop a slow leak AFTER they'd passed such a test. I don't know; the plumber obviously knew what he was doing.

"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?" -Calvin

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