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The Pixie  
“But can you think of any evidence that would indicate arson, but not suggest how it was done?”

Joseph has repeatedly failed to respond to this challenge, even after indicating that he could.

“The God’s Must Be Crazy”- A coke bottle drops from an airplane flying over a remote part of Africa. The main character never saw a Coke bottle before. He didn’t know what it was but he knew it didn’t come from Mother Nature. He didn’t have to know Coca-Cola. He didn’t have to know anything about glass-blowing or glass-blowers.

The Bushman mythology also includes the spirit world's influence on rain, healing and the success of the hunt. Whether the Coke bottle was inhabited or gifted by spirits is not a scientific question.  

“Mainstream” science disallows a design inference a priori.

That is not correct. Archaeology is one such science that makes a point of studying design, more specifically, artifacts, artisans and their art. Science disallows appeal to an ineffable designer as a substitute for evidence, a.k.a. God of the Gaps.

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