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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 27 2007,14:45   

I'm here all week. Please tip your waitress.

The 10 o'clock show contains, in the words of Peter Kay "A bit o' blue for the dads". Mainly because by 10 I'll have had a lot more gin.

And don't listen to Richard the veal is great. As is the baby seal cooked in its own fear with sauce dolphinoise.

And now for my piece de resistance I shall perform a double salco through my own foreskin whilst mocking Dembski's latest pathetic effort to slur Richard Dawkins:


Have you seen that post on UD?


It's terrible, after all if you read Dembski's message to Dawkins flat then it seems like Dembski has admitted he is wrong about ID and that evolutionary biology is the daddy.

{salco 1}

Allez up!

{salco 2}

I mean the guy has completely jumped the shark. He's reduced to repeating what other people say about a subject in a bit of a funny way. It's sophomorically pathetic. I'd be ashamed of that if I were twelve.


Ta da!



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