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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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Quote (Wonderpants @ Mar. 25 2007,12:34)
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 25 2007,11:04)
Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 25 2007,04:55)
Does it feel to anyone else that ID is now mostly an historical event?

Pretty much. Dead as a threat to science education anyway.

Until the next smokescreen for getting fundamentalist Christianity into science classes pops up.

Pure creationism is dead in the water, and ID may be too. But as long as someone can convince people that they're standing up for Jesus, then they'll get the funds to "teach the controversy!"

But what they also need is the political power to do so.  They used to get that from the Republicrats.  Given the results of the last elections, I wouldn't count on that anymore.

Without the political influence of the Republicrat Party, the IDers are just a sewing circle, no more influential than the flat-earthers or geocentrists are.

Indeed, that is true of the fundamentalist movement as a whole --- and it is in serious trouble.

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