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Quote (stevestory @ July 17 2008,12:54)
The penultimate page.

Questions abound:

Does Ikonboard have a lurking P1K problem, like the Y2K problem (that never materialized) eight years ago?

Should we celebrate the first post on page 1000, or the last? (Let's face it, we all celebrated 1/1/2000 even though the new millenium technically didn't begin for another 366 days. Those that pointed that fact out were branded nerds.)

If Ikonboard "resets" at 1,000, does the topic (UD) likewise reset, through some unknown quantum tunneling process that only born^again^77 can explain? And if so, would all the banninated posters and sockpuppets come flooding back? Where will they all sleep?

Will dogdidit quit spamming the thread trying to get the page count up to the millenium?


Dunno if I am ready for the mead and wenching tonight. I'll have to clear that with the wench.

"Humans carry plants and animals all over the globe, thus introducing them to places they could never have reached on their own. That certainly increases biodiversity." - D'OL

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