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Quote (CeilingCat @ July 16 2008,07:30)
Denyse finds her twin:

Denyse O'Leary appears to have opened up a fresh new vein of tard.  Said tard is named Susan Mazur and she works for something called "Scoop", which is some kind of journalism outfit in New Zealand.
But the scientific community has known for some time that natural selection has nothing to do with evolution.  It also knows that self-organization is real, that is, matter can form without a genetic recipe – like the snowflake (non-living). It does this without external guidance.

     And that the Hydra (living), for example, can self-assemble its scattered cells even after being forced through a sieve. Yet, science elites continue to term self-assembly and self-organization "woo woo".

Hey YO!

Since I'm going to be a biology teacher now, I should be getting the memos.

Would one of you guys please get my name on the list?  How am I supposed to know what secrets to keep from the kids, without the damned memos?

Lou FCD is still in school, so we should only count him as a baby biologist. -carlsonjok -deprecated
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