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Quote (carlsonjok @ July 15 2008,05:32)
Quote (CeilingCat @ July 15 2008,00:34)
In the "Healing" thread, Patrick comes through with a great steaming pile-o-tard.  He even seems to be talking about himself in the third person.            
Lakeland is the center of Bentley’s activities in Florida, an area close to Patrick. In fact, the Church of Patrick’s own brother, Michael, is apparently being ensnared by Bentley’s enticing words, from the leadership on down to Michael’s own friends.

It isn't immediately obvious, but he is quoting an article (that he did not write) from the website linked at the top of his comment.  You can also find Patrick's personal blog there.

Thanks, I missed that, possibly because of the total lack of quotes or anything else that might lead one to think the words were copied from somewhere else.

Speaking of somewhere else, that's quite a web site.  Right now, it's carrying this ad:      
Your Angel's Astrology
Revealed in a Free Horoscope, yours now from an real Expert Astrologer!
 That's an real expert astrologer, as compared to an unreal one.  This is combined with ads for "Who is Satan?", "Hulk", "Incredible Hulk Cheats" and "The Incredible Hulk Movie".  WTF?

I've often wondered if the person who named our species "homo sapiens" might have been having a little joke.

Anyhow, I have a new sig:

Ceiling Cat, ArchCardinal in the Church of Patrick.

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